How to develop a fun and Consistent routine for your child!

Every family needs a well-structured routine to create a sense of stability and a framework to get things done.

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3 min readAug 29, 2022


Children fear the unknown, whether it be the vegetables on their plate or a significant shift in their lives, such as moving to a new home or getting a new sibling.

Change can be a chance for learning as it brings new opportunities, which can also result in causing an upsetting situation for kids. A regular schedule gives their life more comfort and stability.

Why is it important to have a routine?

When a child is aware of regular family events and knows what to expect, they begin to understand what is essential. As a result, shared values, beliefs, and interests enhance.

Because the children and other family members are aware of the expectations, stress is alleviated. Since they are a part of the planning, the kids tend to feel worthy.

Children thrive from routines by feeling safe, developing life skills, and forming healthy habits. It gives parents a sense of direction, lowers their stress levels, and allows them to find time for fun activities. Well-planned, regular, and predictable routines are good.

A consistent daily schedule and step-by-step routines give children a predictable day. As they grow older, they’ll be more disciplined about maintaining good food and grooming habits, studying, and keeping their rooms tidy.

How to construct a fun routine for your children?

  • Kids like to take control and be part of the decision-making process. Thus, making kids set their routines will maintain regularity. They won’t rebel against their self-made decisions and will have no excuses to make.
  • If your child is too young to read, find or make visuals that you can use to explain the daily tasks they must complete. A visual description has a better impact on kids making it harder for them to refuse it.
  • The easiest way to add enjoyment to their daily routine is to change things up as much as somebody can, no matter how big or tiny. They’ll be more likely to continue being interested in their daily activities if they regularly consume variety.
  • Add activities that bring amusement and education together. Indulging them into creativity via art or music enhances their soft skills and lets them be free to explore and experiment as well.
  • Joining a club that promotes soft skills will enhance their productivity. They will eventually begin to enjoy their daily routine as well. Kids Listen is an app having many family-friendly podcasts and would be a fantastic addition to their listening area.
  • Giving kids a tool to track their development helps them feel successful and appreciated for accomplishing their daily tasks. Have them write a reflection on the day or consider how they achieved their behavior or learning objectives.



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