Encouraging Kids to be Individuals

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3 min readOct 10, 2022


No two snowflakes are alike and just like that no two kids are the same. If you think about any two kids, (be it your siblings or children) you may have known how the two are unique despite being under the same roof. Every human being has a different personality, powers, interests, and so on.

With each day passing, as the kid grows we can notice differences shine through. The kids will find things that they like and develop different habits in their identities that are unique to them. And not being shocked, there will be times when the habits would be entirely distinct from that of the parent.

We may have already visualized what the kid might grow into, but they turn out to be exactly the opposite. And that’s completely normal.

It’s our responsibility to promote that growth in the child and encourage the individuality that they have.

We should treat the child as they are, this offers them a sense of appreciation, identity, self-assurance & confidence.

We now have a clear mindset that no two children are the same and every kid possesses individuality. Keeping this in mind, we should stop comparing the kids to one another. This leads to eroding their self-worth and identity. Also, this can lead to unhealthy competition between the two and pit them against each other.

Furthermore, each child has a various set of desires and we must diversify the style to meet their needs. For instance, on bad days — one kid might like spending their time alone and on the other hand, the other one might need someone to give attention to them. Therefore, treat children according to what they desire. Dealing with the kid right, with our support may vary by setting boundaries, discipline & a schedule.

Lastly, let’s have a brief look at how we can raise the child with individuality.

1. Being involved — it’s all about showing support for the kid’s interests. The idea behind this is to make them feel that you’re there for them as their support system.

2. Supporting the changes -

All kids grow and glow and while experiencing this, they should have us as their cheerleaders.

3. Appreciating their Uniqueness and celebrating their differences -

Encouraging what they want to do, whichever subject they love, whatever sports they like, etc.

4. Praising them — Appreciating them for their talents & abilities. This goes a long way in helping to build their confidence. By doing this we show them that we value them for who they are.

5. Giving them different alternatives — exposing them to distinct things to let them know what they like and what they don’t.

6. Encouraging their dreams — You never know what they’re capable of. Help them to find out what they need to do, to reach closer to their dream.



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